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PhilotheaWho’s in the Kitchen? is a friendly conversation around the kitchen table with mostly local people who are interested in food.  Guests may be well-known chefs, secret cooks, bakers, home-brewers, masters of one specialty like homemade prosciutto or hazelnut production,  handcrafted chocolate from cocoa beans,  or food fermentation, or folks who are passionate about diet,  philosophy of cooking and eating, food laws and policy, gardening, organic and sustainable agriculture, food issues like GMO’s and raw milk and food distribution.   When you think about it, what we eat–how we get it, grow it, sell it, cook it– is really at the heart of everything, and the Driftless area is a hotbed of food enthusiasts.  The show has been airing weekly since the inception of WDRT two years ago and hasn’t run out of guests or topics yet.
The show’s host, Philothea Bezin, is a teacher, blue-grass musician, and homesteader who enjoys potager gardening, ethnic cooking, wild food foraging, and talking with people about food.  She fell in love with the Driftless area 43 years ago, put down roots,  and has never left.

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