Euphonic Smorgasbord

Hosted by:

Kerry Barnett


  • Music

Missed the live show? You can now hear the audio for one week after the original broadcast date.


Kerry Barnett Serves up a platter of hot and cool tunes with something for everyone on Friday at 10AM.
Kerry grew up in a musical family in Decatur, Illinois. After a childhood of piano lessons, and school band clarinet and trumpet playing, he now just plays the stereo (or whatever the kids call it these days!) to the benefit of WDRT listeners!

Mild-mannered accountant by trade, smooth-talkin’ DJ on Fridays, Kerry attended college in Oklahoma where he lived for over 25 years before buying the farm and chilling in the Driftless.

He loves to expand his listeners’ horizons with music they may never have heard, or not heard for many years! Rock, Jazz, Alternative, Bluegrass, Celtic, Big Band and Boogie-Woogie can all be savored in this buffet of tunes.

For song requests or feedback, you may contact Kerry directly at


  • Friday - 10:00 am - 11:55 am


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