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Paul Fairchild and Jim Hallberg


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Rise and Shine with Jim Hallberg and Paul Fairchild.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMonday, Thursday and Friday host, James Hallberg, was born in Indiana but mostly grew up in Lincoln Nebraska. Listening to minor league baseball radio on a crystal set was the start, then advancing to clear channel AM. James Brown was the key, then somewhere between Porter Waggoner and Ornette Coleman the young man got lost in the musical omniverse that is now channeled on WDRT’s Driftless Morning Show, Community Radio is the creative  hope for sanity in a world gone mad from the mediocrity of crass commercialism. “Secure the Transmitter!”




Thursday host, Paul Fairchild has been a woodworker, landscaper, cab driver, stone mason, carpenter, dishwasher, chauffeur, compost turner, cook, gardener, land surveyor, and gentleman of leisure. He is grateful to WDRT, for helping him try to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. When he isn’t driving The Train, or spinning tunes on the radio, he is a musician, husband to Kathy, father to Lily, and lives in Westby. He likes to try to grow most of the food that he eats, and eat locally, what he doesn’t grow. Although he does like his bananas and rice and avocados.





Monday. With host Jim Hallberg.

Tuesday. With host Jim Hallberg.

Wednesday. With host Jim Hallberg.

Thursday. With host Paul Fairchild.

Friday. With host Jim Hallberg.


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