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Troubadour Larry Long and Storyteller Tom Thibodeau have joined together as friends to form a Conspiracy of Goodness.

The word conspiracy comes from two latin words com-spirare which means to be in harmony or literally to Breathe together. Goodness is one of the Transcendental Virtues which extends us beyond ourselves for the health and well being others.

Through their friendship and work for the greater good Larry and Tom are committed to expanding the conspiracy of goodness by inviting you to be refreshed and inspired by songs and stories of virtue which bring people together from differnt backgrounds for a Greater Good. We hope to strengthen connections, expand communities, and create possibilities in working for the Greater good everyday.

Songs connect us; when our voices unite we create common ground understanding that dissonance is one step on the way to harmony. Stories reminds us of our shared humanity. Both are needed; all are gifts.

Produced, filmed & recorded at Sound Strations Studio by Grammy Award winning sound engineer Brett Huus of Momentous Records.

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