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Spanning the history of the blues with Greg Leighton (The Blues Hound) and Dale Zimmerman swapping Mondays.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreg Leighton, aka “the Blueshound”has enjoyed playing and learning about music most of his life. He started out singing in church and school, while learning to play the piano around the age of six. Thanks to the influence of his mother and father, who worked together as professional ballroom dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Minneapolis, Greg continued his love of music in theearly 60’s, began playing drums in his eighth grade year, and has continued to play until the present.Drumming with the Cheers Big Band for nearly 25 years, as well as a 5 piece quintet called the Time Travelers. Greg also enjoys playing guitar and occasional banjo, since getting out of high school forty years ago. He loves spending time at home with his lovely wife, Margot and their combined family of five children, including their hound dogs, Danny and Bella, and the cats, Chubs and Patches.Greg has worked as a Speech Therapist in the Driftless region between hospitals and schools for the last thirty one years. Today, he continues his work with children in the LaFarge school. “Music has been one of the most powerful mediums for communication between people that I’ve ever seen. Each day we continue to learn just how much we all love playing and singing songs together, “ Greg says. Although Greg loves a variety of music genres, “Blues” is still his favorite. He has enjoyed DJing as “the Blueshound” (named after Danny the hound) over the last three years on WDRT. In addition, if you tune in on Monday nights from 7-9 p.m. every other week, you will also certainly hear some great old Soul, Jazz, and Gospel, with a generous mix of “old and new blues” music dating back to the many regions of the great blues players and singers from the Delta, Louisiana, Texas, Memphis and Chicago, to name a few.

Dale Zimmerman. When I was a youngster growing-up outside of Milwaukee, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy, and Koko Taylor were making history at Chess recording studios just 90 min. down the road, … but I had no idea. When I was old enough to drive, blues legends such as Jr Wells, Buddy Guy, Robert Nighthawk, and Otis Rush were still playing the great Chicago blues clubs like Peppers, Silvio’s, the L&A Lounge, and Theresa’s, … but I was unaware. In my teens and early twenties the music of the Animals, Yardbirds, and early Stones spoke hugely to me … but I didn’t know these bands were all heavily blues-influenced.

Ironically, it wasn’t until I moved hundreds of miles north to rural WI in my 30’s that I started to turn-on to the blues. A local independent community radio station, not unlike WDRT, aired 6 hours of blues every Friday night affording me EXPOSURE TO THE BLUES on a regular basis. Before long I started taping the shows on cassettes (yikes!) so I wouldn’t miss a thing; plus, I could rewind tapes to learn the names of artists and the songs I especially liked.

In 2004 I became an on-air host of “Blues Friday.” I continued to air blues on WXPR-Rhinelander for 13 years until I relocated to the Driftless, not far from Viroqua in late fall 2017. I was ecstatic the day I walked into our “dirt” radio station on Main Street and learned there was an immediate opportunity to be a volunteer host of “Blue Monday.”

I feel privileged and honored to host the blues here at WDRT, and putting the shows together and airing the music is nourishment to my soul. I like to think that in some small way “Blue Monday” helps “keep the Blues alive” and I like to dream that someone else, like I did, might just hear and discover the magic that is the Blues.



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