Musical memory is profoundly linked to emotions. These memories are stored deep in the brain. While Alzheimer’s and dementia damage the ability to recall facts and details, it has been found that connections between music and memories endure.

Since 2016, WDRT Songs To Memory Program brings music, social interaction and companionship to community residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. WDRT volunteers work with local area residents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, sharing with them personalized music in order to improve their quality of life.

As dementia progresses, family members can struggle to keep their loved ones engaged.  Activities such as WDRT’s Songs to Memory Program keep loved ones socially active, which may have a positive impact and actually slow the impact of the disease.

WDRT is a community resource in support of families who desire to keep their loved one engaged with music.

WDRT has a vast musical record library and portable record players for family members to check out.

Staff at WDRT can help you select music that is tailored to your loved one. We can help you find music based upon genre, artist or time period. Please email or call 608-638-9378 to make arrangements to check out equipment of our Songs To Memory library to share with your loved one.

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