ScholarhipImageWDRT in keeping with its mission of teaching the art of broadcasting and the production of original programming, WDRT, in partnership with Running, Inc.,  is offering the WDRT Media Arts Community Scholarship to graduating high school students OR post-high school continuing education students who are actively pursuing a degree or additional educational opportunities in the field of Media Arts.

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Award Amount: One $1000 cash award – awarded Spring 2016.

Duration Amount: One-time award paid during award ceremony.

Purpose:  The purpose of the WDRT Media Arts Community Scholarship is to encourage and support community youth, in the WDRT listening area, in their educational aspirations to pursue radio, communications, journalism or other forms of media arts.

Selection/Eligibility Criteria:

• Applicants must be graduating from a high school or post-high school students (community college/college) with a permanent address/home of record in the WDRT listening area and are attending an institution of higher learning and pursuing studies/degrees in the discipline of Media Arts.  For a list of listening area high schools please see below.  If you have questions regarding eligibility please email for clarification.

• Must demonstrate a financial need.

• Must demonstrate a passion in the field of media arts and pursuing a degree, apprenticeship or internship in the study of the profession.

• Must be available to attend events or photo/publicity sessions as notified by the Scholarship Committee of WDRT.

• Must agree to authorize, WDRT, 91.9 FM and Running, Inc. to publicize your scholarship award, if you are selected.