A Collection of “Zimmer poems” published over the course of forty years.

Written and read by Paul Zimmer.
Published by Settlement House in 2010.

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The Importance of Being Zimmer by Paul Zimmer“I began with shyness and uncertainty trying to be a poet in the early nineteen-fifties. … my first books were tentative, comprised mostly of poems about people I had made up … When I submitted a second book manuscript to a wise editor, David Way, he said, ‘As I read the manuscript I keep asking myself one question, Who are you—who is the poet?’ ‘Zimmer,’ I said. ‘Exactly,’  he said.

“Since then I have put a few Zimmer poems in most of the books I published. … I find that I published more than 130 Zimmer poems over the years. Recently I laboriously gathered them all together and looked at them. Here are less than half of these, carefully gleaned from the whole lot, including some new ones at the end.”
(Zimmer, Paul. The Importance of Being Zimmer: Poems. Arlington, VA: Settlement House, 2010. 10-11. Print.)


PaZimmer2Cropul Zimmer was born in Ohio in 1934 and worked for forty years in the book business. He retired to southwest Wisconsin and lives near Soldier’s Grove with his wife, Suzanne.