Read by Hans Eisenbeis

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John Muir writes of his family, schooling, and exploits as a boy growing up first in Scotland and then in Wisconsin. He reveled in the untamed wilderness of Wisconsin. He also reveled in mechanical inventions. The story ends when he leaves “the Wisconsin University [at Madison] for the University of the Wilderness.”


In the photo to the left, John Muir sits writing at his desk that is now on display in the “Scribble Den” in the upstairs of the Muir home in Martinez, CA.






As a boy, Hans Eisenbeis worked on the dairy farm homesteaded by his Norwegian great, great grandfather on Seas Branch Road, between Viroqua and Westby.  An editor, journalist, and commentator, his byline has appeared in media far and wide, from Mother Jones to the Boston Globe, Rolling Stone to the Washington Post. Hans has also been a commentator at Minnesota Public Radio.