SLiM’s Soundtrack Stories – vol.3
dreaming w/eyes open + living w/eyes closed.
feat. poetry & music of Lemonella, Jonah & Amalia of The Stallion & the Hare podcast, Lauren Hickman of Inspired Astrology podcast, and other entertaining oddities…




SLiM’s Soundtrack Stories – vol.2
Are you being served?

feat. friends from following programs: The Stallion and the Hare, Inspired Astrology with @laurenkhickman, and Aurora+Guest from WDRT’s Hersong. 
“More interesting than #tigerking – and you can quote me on that!”



SLiM’s Soundtrack Stories – vol.1

feat. story by Ed Holahan
“There are only approximations of travel… and all of them fall short of the actual, indelible experiences of starting here – and ending there!”