RadioFreeViroquaGrad3World music with Genie P. and Kirsten Layer.

Raised amongst the sand dunes of Cape Cod, Genie P. took a fancy to music, words and shellfish early on. Later, as she roamed the earth seeking knowledge, she immersed herself in the many sounds, flavors and tales folks have to share. After a while she settled down on a beautiful old farmstead with her handsome husband and three clever children.Then, one day, she discovered Driftless Community Radio and conquered her fear of microphones. When not co-hosting Life: On the Radio or channeling her spicy alter-ego, DJ Paprika, on RadioFree Viroquagrad, Genie can be found butchering chickens, teaching long division to her children or twirling her swirly skirt to a lively Balkan kolo. In the kitchen. While washing dishes.

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Kirsten is from Chicago, IL. She caught the radio bug when she volunteered as a DJ at WZRD, one of the last freeform stations in the U.S. She moved to Viroqua in 2012 and has since fallen in love with the Driftless region and the eclectic mix of sounds and ideas that the DJs at WDRT churn out. Kirsten is currently a DJ on Radio Free Viroquagrad.