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Missed the live show? You can now hear the audio for one week after the original broadcast date.

Rotating hosts bring late evening music that explores a wide range of genres from alternative rock-extended jams- beats and breaks and a wide variety of tunes from time and space.

Arthur Bernstein
“DJ A (aka Arthur) hails from the far environs of rural Richland Center, but pulls musical selections worldwide for Sonic Landscapes. When not sharing music over the airwaves, you are apt to see him playing guitar or biking, working, or cavorting about the
Driftless with his family.”
Chris Skaaland
Christopher Skaaland is a Driftless native, who grew up Evansville WI, but has returned to his roots, making his home in the Kickapoo valley with his wife Rachel. When not cohosting the CHRIS AND LARRY SHOW with Mr. Madeo, he enjoys full moon floats on the Kickapoo, raw milk, and homegrown vegetables. His love for community radio began with WORT in Madison, and has brought him home to WDRT.

Larry Madeo

DJ Gravy came to Gays Mills a while ago to pick apples at an orchard.  When he was in high school he was asked to DJ a school dance and found that he enjoyed it.  As a WDRT DJ, his ambition is to make you tap your toes.  When he isn’t DJing or playing Sheepshead, DJ Gravy is gainfully employed as field hand on a database ranch.


  • Tuesday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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