Life: On the Radio

Hosted by:

Genie Nordskog and Ed Holahan


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Life: On The Radio, Thursday mornings from 9:00 until 10:00, is the talk of the Driftless, featuring fascinating guests and convivial conversation. Ed Holahan and Genie Nordskog are your hosts for a fast paced hour of laughs and groans, insights and revelations. Pull up a chair; the tea kettle is on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEd Holahan has retired from a lot of things….a long career inventing toys and games…a delightful stint facilitating creativity workshops and two wonderful years at the front end of our amazing Food Coop. He’s good at it…retiring, that is.

He hosts a weekly talk show with Genie P. Nordskog, Thursday mornings, called “Life: On The Radio”. He reads an essay about what matters to him every Friday morning on The View From Here and he hosts “Symphony Sunday” from time to time because it’s a classy thing to do.

He lives on beautiful Ella Bella Farm with the love of his life, Mary Benson. He is the luckiest man alive. When pushed to sum up what he does he says, “I like to cause smiles”.

From an early age, Genie P. took a shine to beautiful music, compelling tales and stuffed quahogs. She roamed the earth seeking knowledge and immersing herself in the many sounds, flavors and stories folks have to share. After a while she settled down on a beautiful old farmstead in a hollow with her handsome husband and three clever children and somehow conquered her fear of microphones. When not co-hosting Life: On the Radio or channeling her spicy alter-ego, DJ Paprika, Genie can be found hunting for duck eggs, proofreading tractor manuals or twirling her swirly skirt to a lively Balkan kolo.




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