Highway 131 Revisited/Seasonal Brews (alternating)

Hosted by:

Dane Thompson


  • Music

Missed the live show? You can now hear the audio for one week after the original broadcast date.

Hwy 131

Dane’s love of radio can be traced to late night adolescence tuning in the great 50,000 watt am stations, Beaker Street on KAAY out of Little Rock, and his parents’ Grand Ole Opry on WSM. His rock star aspirations were hampered by a paralyzing stage fright and utter lack of musical ability. Consequently he took out his frustrations by taking over the turntable at college parties. A once and future native of the Kickapoo Valley, Dane lives in Readstown.

Seasonal Brews

with DJ Lynn. Seasonal Brews is best enjoyed loud.

Suggested pairings: friends, beverages, fried chicken.



  • Thursday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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