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Doc Roddy


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Artist and professional musician, Doc Roddy, brings his years of experience to WDRT with the finest in blues, country, roots, Americana…….who knows what to call it…but it’s always good. Every Wednesday at 1:00 PM

DocRoddyDoc has this to say about his life and the show: I was born on Kennesaw Mt. Ga. I spent my childhood picking guitar, making paintings of local share croppers shacks, and playing baseball in Doc’s Pasture. I have lived in Atlanta, The California Bay Area and New York City  where I’ve found employment as a hospital orderly, ambulance driver, mortician, carpenter, bar tender, cook, fisherman, maintenance man, social worker and art teacher. I met my wife Terre while teaching at the Minn. College of Art and Design and ever since we’ve traveled the country playing music as The Roddys. Terre and I moved to Madison form Cal. and finally to the Drift Less ten years ago.  
I heard my first Bottle Neck Guitar at a Georgia prison camp when i was about 12 and the sound lodged in my being somewhere and has never left. COUNTRY MEETS THE BLUES is a reflection of that continuing experience. It is a program of American Roots Music couched in Tradition and Discovery.

Missed the live show. Stream it here.




  • Wednesday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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