Carousel – 1st Sunday – Sunday Serenade, 2nd Sunday – Soundwaves, 3rd Sunday – Live From Studio B, 4th Sunday – Old Hills Radio Hour, 5th Sunday – Soul Stories

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Carousel is a revolving time slot on the WDRT schedule, with rotating programs each Sunday evening.

1st Sunday Sunday Serenade live music

2nd Sunday Soundwaves Spoken word and audio collage.

3rd Sunday Live From Studio B Live musician interviews and performance.

4th Sunday Old Hills Radio Hour Live drama and historical radio excerpts.

5th Sunday Soul Stories. A journey into the world of stories. Weaving a tapestry of tales for your heart and your mind. Join these readers for the 5th Sunday spin on Carousel. Discover your own story, on Soul Stories


  • Sunday - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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