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  •  Christmas Stories from the Driftless 2019

    • December 30–31: Howard Sherpe’s Christmas Memories. Read by Paul Fairchild and Cyndy HubbardSelections from Sherpe’s “Across the Fence” newspaper column.
    • December 26–27: “Christmas Kin.” Cyndy Hubbard discusses Christmas and winter memories with her mother, Carol Hubbard; her Aunt Naomi Fanta; and her Aunt Mava Clark. Seated in photo below R., Mava Clark, Naomi Fanta, and Carol Hubbard.
    • December 25: Christmas happenings at the West Prairie Store from Robert Felde’s Life at the Crossroads.
    • December 23–24: Josie Churchill’s Christmas stories. From her books, Dirt Roads, published in 1981; and Among the Hills, published in 1984. Read by Mava Clark.
  • December 2–20: Madame Jane by Marilyn Leys continued. Read by the author. Published by AuthorHouse in 2013. Just after the end of the War of 1812, 14-year-old Jane Fisher married the most powerful, most ruthless fur trader in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
  • November 29:  A Thanksgiving Chat with Carol Hubbard, Naomi Fanta, Mava Clark, and Cyndy Hubbard.
  • November 25—28: Thanksgiving Stories written by Howard Sherpe.
  • November 11, Veterans Day: World War II Letters to and from Norton Hubbard. Hubbard served in the Army from September 1942–October 1946 in the Army Company B, 30th Signal Construction Battalion. Today we read letters written in 1942 before he went overseas to North Africa and Italy.
  • November 4–8, 12–22, December 2–20: Madame Jane by Marilyn Leys. Read by the author. Published by AuthorHouse in 2013. Just after the end of the War of 1812, 14-year-old Jane Fisher married the most powerful, most ruthless fur trader in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
  • October 30–November 1Halloween Stories written and read by John H. Simes.
  • October 28–29: Max Garland Poetry Max Garland, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2013-2014, has written three collections of poetry. Catherine Young reads excerpts from two of them, The Postal Confessions and Hunger Wide as Heaven.
  • October 2–25: The Autobiography of Ole John Nesheim, Immigrant and Pastor. Read by Inga Gerber. The story of a boy who grew up in Norway and immigrated to the United States at the age of 19 not knowing any English. Pastor Nesheim was the pastor of North West Prairie, South West Prairie, and Bad Axe Lutheran Churches in Vernon County, Wisconsin, for 31 years before becoming the Viroqua Bethel Home’s first administrator and chaplain in 1955.
  • September 2–6, September 16–October 1: Here on the Kickapoo: and Other Stories About a Unique Relationship with the Kickapoo Valley by Ralph E. Nuzum. Read by Steve Lawless. Published by Chuck Hatfield for Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, 2008. This book is a compilation of booklets Nuzum wrote, published, and gave away to friends and customers.
  • September 9–13: Stories of the Vernon County Fair Learn the history of the Vernon County Fair, which runs September 11–15 in Viroqua. Hear fair memories from authors such as Josie Churchill and Howard Sherpe.
  • August 5–30: excerpts from The Driftless Reader, an anthology that collects writings over the past two centuries about the people, the land, and the history of the Driftless Region. The Driftless Reader was published by The University of Wisconsin Press in September 2017, and edited by Curt Meine and Keefe Keeley.
  • July 8–August 2: No Place To Go written and read by John H. Sime.  Published by Lovstad Publishing in 2015.  A mystery that stars Cy Butt, a legendary whiskey drinker, practical joker, and sometimes lawyer who does secret investigations on murders and thieves for the state of Wisconsin .
  • June 24–July 5: Coming of Age in Bishop Branch by Danny K. Deaver. Read by Danny’s wife, Kristi Deaver. Published by Miller Quik Print, Onalaska, Wisconsin, in 2011. Danny Deaver grew up in the 1950’s and ’60’s in an area of Vernon County, Wisconsin, called Bishop Branch. One day he decided to start writing his life stories for his grandchildren. The stories were so good his daughters put them in a book.
  • May 2–June 21: Little Oslo written and read by Bill White. Published by Huff Publishing Associates in 2014. In the summer of 1952, seventeen-year-old Jake finds himself starring on the Wahissa city baseball team and working at Little Oslo. The genesis for Little Oslo was an event that took place in Viroqua, Wisconsin, in 1952.
  • Dirt Roads and Among the Hills by Josie Churchill. Read by Mava Clark. Josie Churchill, born in Vernon County in 1895, started writing her memoirs when she was in her 80’s. Her first book, Dirt Roads  is a collection of stories that first appeared in the La Crosse Tribune.  Among the Hills is a sequel and again takes place in southwest Wisconsin where Josie was born and raised.
  • The Hearts of Men by Nickolas Butler. Read by Eddy Nix. Ecco/HarperCollins Publishers. The Hearts of Men opens in 1962 with the camp bugler, a boy named Nelson. He’s a good kid. He likes school. He likes the Boy Scouts and he’s working to earn more badges than any one. He’s eager to please adults, but other kids just don’t like him and he doesn’t understand why.
  • Excerpts of My Family and Other Hazards by June Melby. Read by Cyndy Hubbard. A funny and heartwarming memoir about saying goodbye to your childhood home, in this case a quirky, one-of-a-kind, family-run miniature golf course in the woods of Wisconsin
  • The summer section of The Land Remembers by Ben Logan. Read by Paul Fairchild.
  • April 3–May 3:  Coins in a Half-Filled Jar written and read by Harlan Flick. What was it like to grow up in the late 1950s and early 1960s in a large family nestled in a tiny village on the banks of the Great River? Harlan Flick, born and raised in De Soto, Wisconsin, can tell you,
  • March 5–April 2, 2018: Hidden in the 13th Moon by Marcia Halligan reveals the rich texture of rural life. The book uses prose, poetry, and imaginative approaches as well as chronicles of interactions and encounters with creatures.
  • Nov. 27, 2017–Dec. 15, 2017 and January 1, 2018–March 2, 2018:  Driftless by David Rhodes. Read by Eddy Nix. Home to a few hundred people yet absent from state maps, Words, Wisconsin, comes richly to life by way of an extraordinary cast of characters.  Driftless is an unforgettable story of contemporary life in rural America.


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