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  • December 26–30:  Christmas Stories from the Driftless 2016— Monday – Howard Sherpe Christmas stories from Across the Fence, Tuesday & Wednesday – “Christmas Kin,” Thursday – Christmas happenings at the West Prairie Store from Life at the Crossroads by Robert Felde, and Friday – a Josie Churchill Christmas story from Dirt Roads.
  • November 28–December 23: Christmas Remembered by Ben Logan. Read by Paul Fairchild. Ben Logan’s story starts where he started, in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin, and goes beyond to his memories of Christmas during World War II and after the war when he spent time in Mexico.
  • November 21–25: Tribute to Howard Sherpe; Thanksgiving Stories by Howard Sherpe, read by Paul Fairchild; and a “Thanksgiving Chat” with Carol Hubbard, Naomi Fanta, Mava Clark, and Cyndy Hubbard.
  • November 11-Veterans Day: Norton Hubbard’s World War II Letters. Hubbard served in the Army from September 1942–October 1946 in the Army Company B, 30th Signal Construction Battalion. Today we read letters written in 1942 before he went overseas to North Africa and Italy.
  • November 7–18: Growing Up Along the Kickapoo by Cloie Neprud. Published by the author in 1989.
  • October 31: Halloween Stories by John H. Sime
  • October  4–November 4: Tony’s Farm written and published by C. L. Johnson in 2005. Read by Mava Clark. Tony’s Farm is the story of Tony Johnson and his family who lived a mile south of Victory, Wisconsin, in the early 1900’s thru the fifties. Their farm extended from the Mississippi River Bluffs, west to the banks of the river itself, including Battle Island where the Black Hawk War ended.
  • September 19–30: The Importance of Being Zimmer written and read by Paul Zimmer. Published by Settlement House in September 2010. This book brings together many “Zimmer poems” both old and new. Listen as Paul adds background information before reading each poem.
  • September 12–16: Catherine Young Essays and Poetry, all read by the author with help from her daughter,Celeste Thalhammer, on the first essay. “Recipe By Heart,” “St. Anthony Comes Around,” “Shoreline Instructions for Lake Superior,” “My Mother Had a Relationship with Good Bread,” “Rediscovering Intricacy,” and “Water Song.”
  • September 7–9: “The Muddled Old Man in My Mirror” by Ralph E. Nuzum. Read by Steve Lawless. Published by Ralph E. Nuzum.
  • August 15–September 6:  Here on the Kickapoo: and Other Stories About a Unique Relationship with the Kickapoo Valley by Ralph E. Nuzum. Read by Steve Lawless. Published by Chuck Hatfield for Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, 2008. This book is a compilation of booklets Nuzum wrote, published, and gave away to friends and customers.
  • July 20–August 12: Among the Hills by Josie Churchill. Read by Mava Clark. Published in 1984 by Hynek Printing, Richland Center, Wis., for Josie Churchill. “Among the Hills is a sequel to my book, Dirt Roads. It is another book about the places and the people who lived in this region of the upper Kickapoo River in southwest Wisconsin, who they were, and how they lived in the early nineteen hundreds, and even a long time before that,” writes Churchill in the “Foreword” to Among the Hills.
  • June 1–July 19: Little Oslo. Written and read by Bill White. Published by Huff Publishing Associates in 2014. In the summer of 1952, seventeen-year-old Jake finds himself starring on the Wahissa city baseball team and working at Little Oslo. The genesis for Little Oslo was an event that took place in Viroqua, Wisconsin, in 1952
  • May 16–31: Stories from Howard Sherpe’s Across the Fence. Read by Howard Sherpe.
  • April 18–May 13:  Not a Perfect Fit: Stories from Jane’s World by Jane Schmidt. Read by the author. Published by Prairie Viking Press in 2015. “Jane Schmidt documents the essential day-to-day of rural Wisconsin life with a deft balance of sentiment, reportage, and humor. You will find yourself nodding, grinning, and sometimes dabbing at your eyes as you read these stories,” says bestselling author Michael Perry.
  • April 4–15:  “Genesis” and “Spring Section” of Ben Logan’s book The Land Remembers: The Story of a Farm and Its People. Read by Paul Fairchild. Originally published in 1975, most recently published by Flying Fish Graphics in 2014. “Logan recalled, ‘I once stood in the middle of a freshly plowed field in Mexico, holding a fragment of perhaps 4,000-year-old pottery, looking in wonder at the decorations. Then, the smell of the newly turned earth came up to me and I was not there at all. I was walking a furrow of my boyhood, watching the endless ribbon of sod turning over behind a walking plow.'”
  • March 29–April 1: Catherine Young Stories and Essays – Young lives, farms, and writes in Richland County in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. She has been published in the About Place JournalImagination & Place: Cartography, and Cricket Magazine.
  • March 1–28: The Autobiography of Ole John Nesheim, Immigrant and Pastor. Read by Inga Gerber. The story of a boy who grew up in Norway and immigrated to the United States at the age of 19 not knowing any English. With hard work and perseverance he graduated from first high school, then college, and finally seminary. Pastor Nesheim was the pastor of North West Prairie, South West Prairie, and Bad Axe Lutheran Churches in Vernon County, Wisconsin, for 31 years before becoming the Viroqua Bethel Home’s first administrator and chaplain in 1955.
  • February 23–March 1: “The Road to Iwo Jima” written and read by Dr. Paul Dunn. Paul Dunn had dreamed of being a pilot until he went on a hospital tour with his sister and knew that being a doctor was his destiny. When WWII started Dunn saw his opportunity to get medical training. He ended up a Marine Medic in the Battle of Iwo Jima, February 19–March 26, 1945.
  • January 25–February 22: No Place To Go by John H. Sime.  Published by Lovstad Publishing in 2015. Read by the author. A mystery that stars Cy Butt, a legendary whiskey drinker, practical joker, and sometimes lawyer who does secret investigations on murders and thieves for the state of Wisconsin .
  • January 18–22: My Family and Other Hazards: A Memoir  by June Melby. Excerpts from the book published by Henry Holt & Co. in 2014. Read by Cyndy Hubbard. A funny, heartwarming memoir about saying goodbye to your childhood home, in this case a quirky, one-of-a-kind, family-run miniature golf course in the woods of Wisconsin.
  • November 16–24, November 30–December 18, and January 4–15:
    Madame Jane by Marilyn Leys. Read by the author. Published by AuthorHouse in 2013. Just after the end of the War of 1812, 14-year-old Jane Fisher married the most powerful, most ruthless fur trader in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. To Joseph Rolette’s employees and the others who gossiped about her, she was Madame Joseph, but after she filed for divorce she became known as Madame Jane.

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