oldhillsLogoCarl Schlect, founder of Old Hills Radio Hour, says, “My goal for Old Hills Theater, is to inspire the imaginations in this region and beyond, and give a simple stage on which regional actors and playwrights can demonstrate the abundant talent that swarms in the towns and the coulees.  This year began the, Sven Marlow Small Town Detective, series.  Created by the local duo of Josh Peters and Leif Erickson.

Live performed adaptations from literature, like Hamlin Garlands ‘Up The Coulee’  gave our listeners a sense of how lenders have always found way’s to destroy the family farm.  But in the story the prodigal son returns to save his family and restore them to their original farm.  Then we did ‘Boargeld’, adapting it from the short graphic novel written by Lindsay McCaw.  This one about a mythical herd of swine living apart from humans in S/W Wisconsin just as they come into contact with the wheels of progress.  In another, we adapted a chapter from ‘ Journey To The West’ out of the eastern tradition. Part of a tale about a monkey traveling from china to india to achieve enlightenment.

It is my belief that stories can be rendered with more than charm, humor and sentimentality when they are layered with the whole nine yards of sound effects.  Those visceral messages delivered by sound can stop a listeners movements and hold them suspended in wonder.  Josh Peters, since arriving on the show, has brought his  skills and suitcases of sound effects and improved the production level  to undreamed of quality.  Me and the rest of the cast never know what he might do.  You ought to peek in on our show one time, fourth sunday at 7:00 pm at the WDRT studios.   It has been only profound luck that brought me to this show.   As the youngest of seven children who were all mimics,  I went on wise-cracking through public school and into the work-force.    The Kickapoo got my attention.   Then I was pushed onto a stage a time or two.   Now I am joyfully in the company of the many players who are creating a fabric of our own design.  Building a stage craft all with the brand of this region.