Published by Lovstad Publishing in 2015. Read by the author.

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No Place to Go stars Cy Butt, a legendary whiskey drinker, practical joker, and sometimes lawyer who does secret investigations for the state of Wisconsin on murders and thieves. Cy Butt is joined by a colorful group of supporting characters, including aliens.

This is a work of fiction that absorbs elements of reality. Cy Butt was the quintessential professional student who actually attended the University in Madison for decades on a family inheritance; also alluded to are Ed Gein, the notorious body snatcher from Plainfield, Wis., and such actual crimes as the Evelyn Hartley kidnapping in La Crosse, Wis.

No Place To Go is available online and from the author.


John H. Sime was born in Viroqua, Wis., in 1952. After graduating from the UW-Madison with a BA/MA in Comparative Literature, he served in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa from 1976–78. Sime is presently a funeral director in Western Wisconsin. In his free time, he writes. He has been published in the Kickapoo Free Press, Wisconsin Poets Calendar, Verse Wisconsin, La Farge Epitaph News, The Broadcaster Censor, and many more.