Max Garland, originally from Kentucky, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2013-2014, has written three collections of poetry: The Postal Confessions, Hunger Wide as Heaven, and The Word We Used for It. Garland is professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and the first writer-in-residence for the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Catherine Young reads excerpts from The Postal Confessions and Hunger Wide as Heaven below.


Excerpts from The Postal Confessions published by University of Massachusetts Press; First Edition edition (May 24, 1995):

  • “Fedoras”
  • “A Barn near the Grahamville Fork”
  • “The Missiles, 1962”
  • “Initiation, 1965”
  • “Kegler”
  • “For a Johnson County Snowfall”
  • “The Postal Confessions”
  • “Aria for the U.S. Mail”
  • “Cave Country”

Excerpts from Hunger Wide as Heaven published by Cleveland State University Poetry Center; First edition (March 1, 2006):

  • “For My Sister”
  • “What About the Lilacs”
  • “Loon”
  • “A Day on the Red Cedar River”
  • “Gold Finches”
  • “On a Day Like This”