HerbWalkCrewAn HerbWalk through the seasons.

Join  local herbalists Mary Schmidt and Julie Schroeder and other surprise herbalist guests on a  weekly exploration of the herbs that you might find in your own back yard.

We are a group of  herbalist dedicated to the safe and ethical use of local herbs.

Each week we will introduce a new local herb, how & where to find it, how to use it and what it’s been traditionally used for.

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In this show, Julie and Dwight talk about Dandelion root. Learn why this is a staple crop for herbalists.

This week Julie’s talks with guest Dwight Zietlow, wild forager of the Driftless region about how to find and use Slippery Elm bark. Tune in to learn more about this surprisingly versatile bark.

Chicory is a well known and common wildflower. Did you know that it also has many uses?                              You will be amazed at the virtues of this root!

Wild Cherry’s grow in abundance in the driftless region! Tune in to learn a few things they are used for.

Japanese Knotweed may be one of the most useful weeds around! Please tune in to hear just a few of its many many uses.

Angelica is a plant worth study! Tune in to hear just a bit about its qualities, hopefully it will inspire you to dig deeper!

This week a panel of herbalists share information about the staple herb Burdock. Tune in to learn why it is a favorite!

This week Julie shares some wonderful uses of beloved rosehip. This food/medicine is accessible throughout the winter months!

Watercress likes cold, you can find it throughout a mild winter. Tune in to learn some qualities of this wild food.

Many people consider Prickly Ash a nuisance. Tune in to hear a group of herbalists share some of its uses.

Oat straw is a plant with many surprises! This week Julie shares how oatstraw could become an important ally.

This week Mary talks about the many uses for common Cattail.

Boneset likes wet feet! Tune in to learn more about this special plant.

This week Mary explores some common and uncommon uses of  Jewelweed, one day it just may save the day.

Joe Pie is a beautiful and common wetland plant. Tune in to learn some of its great qualities!

This week Mary shares some wonderful information about Hawthorn, learn why this historical tree is a favorite among herbalists!

Pleurisy root is better known as butterfly weed, listen to find out how this beauty has been traditionally used.

Echinacia is a popular herbal remedy. This week Julie talks about some common and uncommon uses for this powerful plant.

New England Aster is a beautiful & popular landscape plant!  Find out more about this treasure.

Common Purslane is a favorite among herbalists! Listen here to find out why!

This week Mary and Julie explore the magic of the common wildflower Vervain.

Explore the qualities of one of the most widely used plants on the planet. Often called white man’s footprint, Plantain is a plant that everyone should know.

This week Mary shares some information about the amazing benefits of the common soil guardian Mullein.

Julie Schroeder shares some amazing facts about Bee Balm, also known as Monarda.

This week Mary Schmidt talks about the amazing properties of Red Clover.

This week Mary and Julie talk about Self Heal.

Mary shares some great info about Motherwort  this week.

This week Mary Schmidt introduces Yarrow, a very essential herb!

This week Julie Schroeder will introduce you to Wild Geranium.