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(In 2017 they aired in a different order—#2, #3, and then #1.)

Halloween 1

Vampire“Vision in the Sky” – an old woman recounts paranormal experiences she had as a young girl. Readers: John H. Sime as the old woman and Cyndy Hubbard as the young girl.

“Miserable Halloween” –  Sime recalls the Halloween he dressed as a vampire when he was 10 or 11 years old.

“The Phantom Rider” – a poem that Sime wrote in college.

Halloween 2
Readstown Train Depot

Readstown Train Depot


“Freckles: The Ghost, the Undertaker, and the Preacher” – Sime got the idea for this short story from an event that happened in Readstown, Wisconsin, many years ago.




Halloween 3

“I Likes Me Chickens” – based on a famous Wisconsin resident

“Cy Butt Meets a Ghost” –  The main character in Sime’s novel No Place to Go meets a ghost one night in Wisconsin. (Bottom photo on left is of Cyrus Butt’s father, Lt. Col. Cyrus M. Butt.)




John H. SimeJohn H. Sime was born in Viroqua, Wis., in 1952. After graduating from the UW-Madison with a BA/MA in Comparative Literature, he served in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa from 1976–78. Sime is presently a funeral director in Western Wisconsin. In his free time, he writes. He has been published in the Kickapoo Free Press, Wisconsin Poets Calendar, Verse Wisconsin, La Farge Epitaph News, The Broadcaster Censor, and many more.