Your Legacy Can Be WDRT’s Secure Future

One of the easiest ways to give to WDRT is through your will. Gifts of this nature provide WDRT with the financial sustainability to remain a mission-focused, community radio station for generations to come. Income generated from your Planned Gift will provide funding for capital projects, ongoing capital expenditures, as well as new and innovative ways to expand and enhance programming now and into the future.

What is a Planned Gift?

Planned giving, sometimes referred to as gift planning, may be defined as a method of supporting non-profits and charities that enables philanthropic individuals or donors to make larger gifts than they could make from their income. While some planned gifts provide a life-long income to the donor, others use estate and tax planning techniques to provide for charity and other heirs in ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor’s estate.

So a planned gift is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. (From’s “What is Planned Giving?”)

Giving Options

-A bequest in your will or living trust

-A beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy

-A beneficiary designation on an IRA or retirement plan (401-k or 403-b)

-A payable-on-death arrangement on a bank account or certificat of deposit (CD)

-A transfer-on-death designation on an investment account or mutual fund account

How to Make Your Gift

If you’re interested in donating to WDRT, contact your personal tax advisor to discuss what options would be most advantageous to you and your financial situation. All gifts should be made using the following legal designation:

Driftless Community Radio, Inc., a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of Wisconsin, and with a current business address of 311 South Main Street, Viroqua, WI, 54665.

Feel free to contact WDRT at 608-638-9378,, or by stopping in at 311 S. Main Street in Viroqua for more information.

If you have already included Driftless Community Radio in your estate plans, please let us know by contacting Terry O’Connor, WDRT’s Community Coordinator at 608-638-9378 or email We would love the opportunity to thank you and discuss specifics of how you would like your intentions carried out.