Read by Mava Clark.
First printed in 1981 by Crescent Printing Co. for Josie Churchill.

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Book Cover for "Dirt Roads" by Josie ChurchillJosie Churchill, born in Vernon County in 1895, started writing her memoirs when she was in her 80’s. Dirt Roads  is a collection of these stories that first appeared in the La Crosse Tribune.  Josie writes in the foreword of the book, “I am living today right where my life began on July 16, 1895, in the Kickapoo hill country of southwestern Wisconsin. Its dirt roads have taken me through dense forests, beside swift-flowing streams and over green hills. I’ve gone afoot and I’ve gone in buggies, cutters, and sleighs.”

Josie's log cabin home in 1901

Josie’s parents, brother, & grandmother in front of their log cabin home in 1901.

Josie's home in 2014

Josie’s home in 2013.                                         The middle section is the original log cabin.








Mava Clark reads "Dirt Roads"

Mava Clark recording “Dirt Roads”


Mava Clark became friends with Josie after marrying a cousin of Josie’s and moving to a farm a mile down the road from Josie’s farm.