Published by AuthorHouse in 2015. Read by Marilyn Leys.

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“When mapmakers recounted Wisconsin’s history through a series of maps, the chapter ‘Military in Wisconsin’ mentioned only one civilian opposition, the one that exploded in the southwest corner of the state and elsewhere after the Air National Guard proposed flying military jets low and fast over landowners including Amish and grazing animals. Denting Goliaths, Citizens Unite Against Regional Low Level Flights is the history of the proposal and its diverse opponents.”
(Leys, Marilyn. Denting Goliaths Citizens Unite Against Regional Low Level Flights. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2015. Backcover. Print.)

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Peaceful Valley In Wisconsin Fears Proposed Air Maneuvers-
Chicago Tribune article by Rogers Worthington

Low Level Training Routes in Wisconsin Today

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Marilyn Leys recording "Denting Goliaths"

Marilyn Leys in WDRT studio recording “Denting Goliaths”

Marilyn Leys and her husband, Ron, retired to a beef cattle farm in the northeast corner of Crawford County, Wisconsin. Like too many other farmers in the area, they had negative experiences with slow, low-flying C-130 transport planes. When the military wanted to add faster, noisier jets to the area, Marilyn and Ron joined the diverse group of opponents. Marilyn became the only paid staffer for Citizens United Against Low Level Flights, the group that helped organize the opposition of historic proportions.

Shortly after the Air National Guard proposal was withdrawn, Marilyn interviewed everyone who had been most involved, including Senator Russ Feingold and his military aide. To research the history that had involved so many, she also gathered excerpts from many of the newspaper stories and letters that had been written, and videotapes made during meetings and other events, and the televised feature that ran on CBS national news. The result was Denting Goliaths.

Just a reminder, when this story was taking place Citizens United Against Low Level Flights was always shortened to Citizens United because its acronym, CUALLF, wasn’t catchy or easy to say. So, the name is often shortened that way in my book. But it wasn’t and shouldn’t be confused with the organization known only as Citizens United that made the news far more recently.