The mission of the Players is to create original drama that reflects the life of living in the
Kickapoo Valley. We congregate to create our own entertainment.

Our Radio Play
The tiny town of Onomatopoeia is neatly tucked into the rolling limestone landscape with a
gurgling river lazily winding its way across the valley. The Onomatopoeians that remain – for
many have been lured away with the promise of wealth in the Upper Krust -live a simple, rich life. They congregate in a bookstore called ‘Words.’











The Players
K O’Brien, Brad Otto, Kile Martz, Craig Anderson, Gereon Wellhouse, Cele Wolf,
Tayrn Greendeer, Sandra Berger, Therese Laurdan, Adam Stanton and Jason Roberstson.
Jason is also our sound wizard.


Listen to Episodes 1 & 2



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Listen to Episodes 9 & 10


Check out a previous radio play called ‘Back to the Land,’ about the movement that brought many to the Driftless Region in the 1970’s and 80’s.