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Mon., Dec. 21–Tues., Dec. 22: Josie Churchill’s Christmas stories
From her books, Dirt Roads, published by Churchill in 1981, and Among the Hills, published by Churchill in 1984. Read by Mava Clark. More on Josie.

Wed., Dec. 23–Thurs., Dec. 24: Howard Sherpe’s Christmas Memories
Selections from Sherpe’s Across the Fence series of books.

Christmas Day & Mon., Dec. 28: “Christmas Kin”

Cyndy Hubbard discusses Christmas and winter memories with her mother, Carol Hubbard; her Aunt Naomi Fanta; and her Aunt Mava Clark. Seated in photo below R., Mava Clark, Naomi Fanta, and Carol Hubbard.

Tues., Dec. 29–Wed., Dec. 30: Harlan Flick’s “A Two Mink Christmas” from Coins in a Half-Filled Jar
“The presents that would eventually go under the tree would be dependent on my father. Each year our mother would say to him, ‘You have to catch two mink before the middle of December.'”

Thurs., Dec. 31 & New Year’s Day 2016: Ben Logan’s “Season Within a Season” from The Land Remembers
“Christmas was a season within a season, filled with mystery and wonder.”