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$1000 Southwest Airline Gift Certificate Giveaway

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$1,000 Gift Certificate from Southwest Airlines.  Gift Certificate does not expire or loose value over time.  Fly to any destination that Southwest Airlines services.  A late winter getaway?  A trip to visit family?  A romantic getaway?  Card will be sent to winner at no charge 1 Grand Prize Winner – $1,000 value Enter the drawing...

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WDRT Media Arts Scholarship

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WDRT in keeping with its mission of teaching the art of broadcasting and the production of original programming, WDRT, in partnership with Running, Inc.,  is offering the WDRT Media Arts Community Scholarship to graduating high school students OR post-high school continuing education students who are actively pursuing a degree or additional educational opportunities in the field of Media Arts. Download Application Here Award Amount: One $1000 cash award – awarded Spring 2016. Duration Amount: One-time award paid during award ceremony. Purpose:  The purpose of the WDRT Media Arts Community Scholarship is to encourage and support community youth, in the WDRT listening area, in their educational aspirations to pursue radio, communications, journalism or other forms of media arts. Selection/Eligibility Criteria: • Applicants must be graduating from a high school or post-high school students (community college/college) with a permanent address/home of record in the WDRT listening area and are attending an institution of higher learning and pursuing studies/degrees in the discipline of Media Arts.  For a list of listening area high schools please see below.  If you have questions regarding eligibility please email for clarification. • Must demonstrate a financial need. • Must demonstrate a passion in the field of media arts and pursuing a degree, apprenticeship or internship in the study of the profession. • Must be available to attend events or photo/publicity sessions as notified by the Scholarship Committee of WDRT. • Must agree to authorize, WDRT, 91.9 FM and Running, Inc. to publicize your scholarship award, if you are...

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An HerbWalk through the seasons. Join  local herbalists Mary Schmidt and Julie Schroeder and other surprise herbalist guests on a  weekly exploration of the herbs that you might find in your own back yard. We are a group of  herbalist dedicated to the safe and ethical use of local herbs. Each week we will introduce a new local herb, how & where to find it, how to use it and what it’s been traditionally used for. If you’d like to connect with more “plant people” check out You’ll find links to some local herbalists and more interesting stuff. AND- if you’re on Facebook check out: Coulee Region Herbal Institute (CRHI)   If you have questions, an amazing herb story or feedback about the show, we’d love to hear from you! email the shows producer, fanacker@wdrt. In this show, Julie and Dwight talk about Dandelion root. Learn why this is a staple crop for herbalists. This week Julie’s talks with guest Dwight Zietlow, wild forager of the Driftless region about how to find and use Slippery Elm bark. Tune in to learn more about this surprisingly versatile bark. Chicory is a well known and common wildflower. Did you know that it also has many uses?                              You will be amazed at the virtues of this root! Wild Cherry’s grow in abundance in the driftless region! Tune in to learn a few things they are used for. Japanese Knotweed may be one of the most useful weeds around! Please tune in to hear just a few of its many many uses. Angelica is a plant worth study! Tune in to hear just a bit about its qualities, hopefully it will inspire you to dig deeper! This week a panel of herbalists share information about the staple herb Burdock. Tune in to learn why it is a favorite! This week Julie shares some wonderful uses of beloved rosehip. This food/medicine is accessible throughout the winter months! Watercress likes cold, you can find it throughout a mild winter. Tune in to learn some qualities of this wild food. Many people consider Prickly Ash a nuisance. Tune in to hear a group of herbalists share some of its uses. Oat straw is a plant with many surprises! This week Julie shares how oatstraw could become an important ally. This week Mary talks about the many uses for common Cattail. Boneset likes wet feet! Tune in to learn more about this special plant. This week Mary explores some common and uncommon uses of  Jewelweed, one day it just may save the day. Joe Pie is a beautiful and common wetland plant. Tune in...

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Beehive Design Collective

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An Interview with the Beehive Design Collective about their third and final image in the Beehive s trilogy about globalization in the Americas, focusing on resistance to mega-infrastructure projects that are literally paving the way for free trade agreements that devastate local economies and communities. Audio of the interview is used to “see” the story of the MezoAmerica Resite traveling art exhibit detailing the struggle for environmental justice in Central and South America. Learn more here...

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Nature vs Corporations? A local view.

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Inspired by a global movement to recognize the rights of nature above the rights of corporations, a group of local activists has begun meeting and studying how such rights might be applied in our area. In this half-hour interview Amy Arnold, Laila Johnson, and Robert Ribbens talk with Tamara Dean about their reasons for being involved in the Community Rights Alliance and offer examples of how a community-based bill of rights could protect the Driftless region’s people and natural...

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Showcase: Bad Axe Tap

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Friday drive time just got better with the always edgy, Charles Angell. Charles returns to WDRT after a short hiatus when he realized that WDRT is not the same without him. Welcome back, Charles....

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Rahbi Crawford and Peter Phippen on Heart of Wellness

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World Flute Specialist and Recording Artist Peter Phippen and Sound Healer and Musical Mystic Rahbi Crawford talk about their current richly creative musical collaboration. You can learn more about their music, and about Peter Phippen at the website, And you can learn more about Rahbi Crawford’s Transformational music at

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Showcase: Mr. Koppa’s Neighborhood

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Mister Koppa is a middle aged collagist and book artist. He makes a living driving an old white van around the hills and valleys of the driftless region, stopping at cemeteries to add the date of death to cemetery stones. He has lived with his wife and two daughters in Viroqua, Wisconsin, since 2004. Other interests include nature, organic agriculture and food, native prairie restoration and his Moto Guzzi. More info and...

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