Read by Mava Clark.
Printed in 1984 by Hynek Printing, Richland Center, Wis., for Josie Churchill.

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Josie Churchill, born in Vernon County in 1895, started writing her memoirs when she was in her 80’s. Her first book, Dirt Roads  is a collection of stories that first appeared in the La Crosse Tribune.  Among the Hills is a sequel and again takes place in southwest Wisconsin where Josie was born and raised. Josie writes in the Foreword of the book, “I grew up in a small world indeed, with people who were still living much like their ancestors a century earlier. …we lived in a peaceful kingdom. Our backs were not against the wall. They were against the earth.”


JosieChurchillJosie Churchill was born in 1895 near Dell, Wisconsin. She married and lived away from her southwestern Wisconsin home for many years. Josie returned to her homeplace in her later years and published two books of her memoirs, Dirt Roads in 1981 and Among the Hills in 1984. Churchill passed away in 1987.